We have a wide range of established and mature plants to brighten up your pond. Our plants will flower in the first year unlike the pond plants you get from the garden centre that take a good couple of years to mature. These plants are easy to maintain, needing little to no care. The plants are put into large baskets with pebbles to hold them in place. We place larger pebbles on top to stop the fish from sucking up pebbles and spitting them all over the floor. We do not use aquatic soil as the plants get their nutrients straight from the water itself so when the baskets are put into your pond your water will not become murky. This is called Hydroponics. The plants need to sit at the water’s surface so if you do not have shelves in your pond they will need to be raised up by bricks etc so they are not too deep. Although the Water lilies do need to be deeper.  If a plant is to die for no obvious reason we are happy to replace them.

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